Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't miss the train !






Vintage lace sweater / Vintage button down skirt / H&M tight / Siren ankle booties / Vintage fur bomber / Fosa fur-suede-snakeskin bag / Homemade feathers headband


Today my boyfriend and I didn't know what to do, so we decided to go on a trip to explore our new hometown ! I was not supposed to do a photoshoot today , it was scheduled for this friday but I couldn't resist when I saw this old fashion train station ! Luckily I was all dressed up and it was warm and sunny outside .. so why not !!


Aujourd'hui mon chum et moi ce demandaient bien quoi faire , alors nous avons decidé d' aller explorer un peu les environs de notre nouveau chez nous ! J' avais un photoshoot prévue pour vendredi mais j' ai pas pu résister quand j' ai vue cette veille station de train abandonnée ! Par chance il fessait beau et chaud alors pourquoi pas ! J' en ai profitée !

xoxo Alice


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for dropping by =]
I love the name of your blog, that fur and the fact that you have a Boston mix named "Bambi," what a darling name! <3

I hope all is well. Keep in touch. Very stylish page! :]


chauss said...

fabulous pix! thanks for commenting on my blog. come visit anytime. :)

lucille said...

Tres belle photos ! J'adore la jupe taille haute !


photos de Mode said...

Awesome fur!! nice blog ;) xx.

modern antoinette said...

Vraiment jolie shoot. Encore une fois tu me donnes envie de porter mon manteau presque parreil en fourrure...mais je ne peux pas le mettre tout de suite parce que sinon nos outfit post vont être trop

love you

Annie said...

Thank you!

Shini said...

Love your heels and the fur jacket! Looks so wintery there, with snow! Exploring is always fun fun

Anonymous said...

youre amazing! i thought this was a professional shoot or from a magazine or something before! you look fabulous, so chic. and french really suits you (i wish my french was good enough to actually comment in french haha but im always afraid i make mistakes.)

Darragh said...

i love the blog header, so pretty.
and your photoshoot is great too.
trés chic. said...

You look great, fantastic!!


Vintage Tea said...

You look so gorgeous! I love your coat and your shoes. So glam

Check me out at


vesna said...

lovelyyy =)