Monday, March 23, 2009

Cup of Coffee!!

Vintage :vest
Bedo : dresses
Partyshop : mask
Le Château : necklace


Thank you for the Interview !! I`m really honored by the invitation! You did a good job ! :)
You can go see the interview here

Merci beaucoup pour m' avoir choisie pour faire ta première entrevue , j' en suis très honorée ! Merci encore !!!
Vous pouvez allé jetter un coup d oeil ici :
xoxo Alice


modern antoinette said...

Gorgeous!!! Je les adores vraiment ces photos!

Congrats lady, I'm proud of you!

Amelia said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the textures in the dress and the vest.

Audrey Leighton said...

this is adorable, i love the mask. def. up for trading links.


Eden said...

bonjour alice,

just wanted to drop in and say that you have one of those blogs that i'm thoroughly enjoying- you have an impeccable taste in clothes, plus you photograph well.:)

hope you could drop in my site as well... i've added you to my blogroll.


Tiana Couture's Addict said...

Ma chérie tu es juste sublime sur ces photos! félicitations pour l'interview!

Much kisses!

I would go out tonight but said...

Great blog, I heart your style x

MONSTE C said...

so beautiful pictures!

Couture Carrie said...

What a beautiful look and such amazing photos, too!

Would adore a link exchange, darling! Am adding you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll presently!


Cup of Coffee. said...

Oh thanks you Alice!
You are the cute! :)

And staff, we will comment in the interview!

Miss Chic said...

Thanks for your comment :) .
I follow your blog everyday!!
Kiss ;)

Enep said...

looks so much preety. love it. nice blog, dear!


HoneyBunny said...

wow! gorgeous photos! You look amazing! I love the mask<3

vicen said...

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Lapau said...

perfect blog!!! i like your style!!


Victoria C said...

Very cool pictures, I lovee that vest. You're so pretty xx

DreamyGirl22 said...

Those pictures are amazing! I really like the mask! The gold really goes beautifully with you hair!

ryder said...

that is a really nice vest. and great pictures.

Rebecca said...

your beautifulxxxx

labastille said...

Tu as bien fais de partir de ton coté pour le blog. On distingue vraiment ta personnalité ici, et je l'adore.

Tu es divine et tes outfits sont toujours parfait!

phamzy said...

you have beautiful set of photos all the time!

Audrey said...

Tes photos sont très jolies.
et ton blog est vraiment sympas

andara said...

Superbe cette série de photos !

daniel john said...

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