Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thank you !


Thank you thank you Stephanie from modern antoinette for this award !! I really appreciated ! It's been only 2 weeks that I have my own blog and I'm really happy with the result ! I would like to thank god ... lol no just kidding ! ;)
I have to give some awards as well to my favorite blogs !!

To my best friend as well stephanie from modern.antoinette You are amazing and such a good friend !
To ,she is so stylish and seem so nice !
To Emma Nygren who is one of my fashion icon , go see her on !! Thank you for your inspiration !
To the cherry blossom girl with her Frenchy style witch I died for !
and finally to behind the seams , you have such a good taste ! You can go see her on

And gosh If could give more awards, I would ! Cause I have lots of other blogs that I love !
Thank you again !

So girls you know what to do !! :)
xoxo Alice

1 comment: said...

oooooo thank you darling, how cute! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!