Friday, April 3, 2009

let me introduce you.. myself !!


I thought it would be a good idea to show you a little bit of my past !!! It's raining almost everyday this week an I don' t like taking pictures inside so that's why I didn't post anything !! So let me introduce you a part of my life !!


J' ai pensé vous faire découvrir mon passé question de me connaître un peu mieux :) ! Il pleut pratiquement tous les jours et j' aime pas prendre des photos à l intérieur alors voilà le pourquoi je n' est pas posté de outfit depuis 3 jours .. désolé ! Alors voilà je vous présente une partie de mon passé !! :)

Summer 2006 with Stephanie (modern.antoinette) at the Much music video awards 2006 ! First picture with the signer or Billy Talent (damn his hot ) , second pic with Perez Hilton
Été 2006 avec Stéphanie (modern.anoitoinette) au Much music video awards 2006 !


I love going to the Zoo !! My favorite animals are the giraffes and monkeys !! Yes my hair was longer but it was hair extensions .... I'm starting to miss them !! :S
J'adore aller au Zoo !! Mes animaux préféré sont les girafes et les singes !! OUI oui j' avais les cheveux plus long mais en fait c' étais des rallonges ... je commence à m' en ennuyer ...


Another thing that I like is Halloween !!! Here is the costume that makes me won the costume contest on a military base !!
Un autre chose que j' aime bien c' est l' halloween !! Voilà le costume qui ma fait gagner le concour de costume sur une base militaire !


Summer 2007 at Tremblant !! MMM I LOVE chocolates !! Last picture is my boyfriend, military and photographer !
Été 2007 à Tremblant !! MMM J' adore le chocolat !! Dernière photo , c' est mon copain qui est militaire et photographe !


New-York trip fall 2007 Last picture : with the waxed Jean-Paul Gaultier wearing the same top as me lol !
Voyage a New-York automne 2007 Dernière photo : Avec Jean-Paul Gaultier (en cire ) avec le top que moi lol !

New years-eve 2008 !
Jour de l' an 2008


Summer 2008 ..... pregnant !! As you can see it' s not only the belly that is getting bigger !! LOL ! here the only BCBG dress that fitted me ! :P
Été 2008 .... enceinte !! Comme vous pouvez le constater il n' y a pas seulement que la bedaine qui grossis lol ;) ! Voilà la seul robe BCBG qui me fesait !! :P


September 10 2008 ! Jacob is born !
10 Septembre 2008 ! Jacob est né !


Family portrait at Christmas night 2008 !
Portrait de famille , Noël 2008


New years-eve 2009 , wearing Zara dress
Jour de l' an 2009 , Robe de chez Zara


Jacob is almost 7 months now !!
Jacob va avoir bientôt 7 mois !!


Voilà !!


xoxo Alice

I hope I'll have the chance to post some outfit this week !! :)

J' espère pouvoir avoir la chance de poster des outfits cette semaine ! :)


Jamily P. said...

Oh Alice beautiful photos! You pregnant and in bed with your baby, omg that so beautiful the world! Your family is beautiful! congratulations!

Really, I'm your fan!
You and Stephanie gained a great affection in my heart, despite the distance and we don't know .. You can count that are included in list of gifts unique to Cup of Coffee! Wait!

Have a nice weekend sweetie!
A smack your baby!

Xoxo, Jamily.

Aline said...

Thanks for getting to know you a little bit better...and congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. You look beautiful in all these pictures!See you soon !!

Anonymous said...

Love your style and blog! Your pics are wonderful, and your son is too cute!


Hanako66 said...

Thank you for sharing!

Wanderlusting said...

W0w - You Montreal girls are always so good looking (Billy Talent aint so bad himself, my bf loves that band ;)

I had no idea you were a mum too, what a lucky kid to have such a lovely and fashionable mother such as yourself! You just glow, darling. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us :)


Wanderlusting said...

PS you look so amazing, before (wow that halloween costume, you should be a model no wonder you won!), during and after your pregnancy. What's your secret!?

Amandyta said...

Oi Alice!
Following I am you…
I loved its Blog!
He is wonderful!


Eva said...

wow you look beautiful! especially the picture at nye 2008 when you just had your baby!

great pictures and thanks for your comment!

MIRANDA'S said...

Hello!!! I have delighted your entry of today, but that it he drinks mas nicely you have. There are fantastic photos as the first one that these with the baby quite of white of the first plane is very bonita.xoxo I sit for my Englis

Couture Carrie said...

You and your family are so beautiful! Congrats!


Fashionology said...

I love your intro!! Perez is so great, I love him! Amazing that you have met him! <3

Sol said...

It's really nice to see the 'real' personal side of a blogger. I have no idea you were a mom! Hoe cool is that? He's gorgeous, and your body is amazing!! I wish i could get my body back after having a baby (not the most important thing to a mom, i guess...). said...

Je tenais à te laisser un commentaire pour te féliciter pour ton allure, ta beauté, la qualité de tes photos... ton blog est vraiment très agréable à regarder!!!
Et tout comme toi je suis maman mais d'une petite fille qui est née un jour après ton fils, le 11/09/08!
Bisous et à bientôt!

Jessica said...

Les photos sont sublimes!
Ton fils est très beau, et vous êtes trop mignon tous les trois!
Et tu es superbe, j'adore ton costume d'halloween!!

tanya said...

this is amazing--I loved looking through all these photos! You look absolutely gorgeous in each and every one...of course, your little boy...soooo cute!

Victoria C said...

I love these photos, a great look into your life, Jacob is adorable xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby!! I didn't know you were a mom. :)

What branch is your husband in? Mine is in the Marine Corps and we're stationed in California now. Fun!

la petite fashionista said...

you are so gorgeous & have fantastic style. You have a beautiful family and son :)

modern antoinette said...

Hello my dear,

Je t'ai tagger pour faire un questionnaire. Va voir les details sur mon blog.

Je m'ennuie de de toi...un

Stephanie said...

Wow, lovely!! What cute pic, and your baby, LOVE! Look really beautiful! Cool!!


ithaa said...

Il love your style, the last photos is amazing!
Vous êtes trop mignons, bisous au bébé!

A "cheery" disposition said...

You are so pretty! I love your hair and your style. I am in love with that giraffe picture! Super cute.

andara said...

De beaux moments de ta vie ... toujours très chic côté tenue !
Ton fiston est mimi !

lili-lab said...

La photo de naissance avec ton fils est sublime!

Mrs. Lovers Knot said...

what a great post and that last picture is to die for!

TigerLily said...

you have lots of very nice outfits, keep up the good style ^__^

jukejka said...

you're soooo pretty! you looked amazing during pregnancy! and this photo of you in white dress - beautiful!!