Monday, May 18, 2009

I heart Boutiques !


Yesterday for the first time I decided to explore Ottawa the city next to my new home ! I found AMAZING boutiques !! And fell deeply deeply in love with 2 of them ... my new fav !! For sure !!! My summer closet  will be full of those clothes !! can wai to show you my purchases !! :)  So here my number 5 !!


Hier pour la première fois , j' ai décidée d' explorer en profondeur la merveilleuse ville d' Ottawa!
J' ai découvert des boutiques extraordinaire que j' aimerais vous faire découvrir !! Deux d' entre eux font partie de mes boutiques préféré ou je remplirai ma garde-robe cet été ! Voici mon numéro 5 !!

Sugar Mountain 

If you have a sweet tooth that 's for you my friend !! You can find almost every candy there !! I bought a lot of chocolates and some of Double Decker bar , a chocolate  bar from England ! Mmm !
Si vous avez la dent sucré voilà votre paradis !! Ont peut y trouver un nombre impressionnant de bonbons !! Je me suis acheté un gros sac de chocolat et des Double Decker , bar de chocolat qu' ont peu acheter en Angleterre !


Number 4


Very artistic boutique were you can find unique jewelry , bags , clothes and lots of other very special things !
Voici une boutique très artistique ou vous pouvez trouver des item unique en sont genre ! Sac à main , vêtements , bijoux , accessoires et beaucoup d' autres !

Number 3
Young Janes


Vintage vintage vintage !! ! You know how much I love vintage !! So here a Vintage boutique were you find very cute stuff for cheap ! They have a blogspot so here you go If you wanna take a look !
Vintage Vintage Vintage !! Vous savez comment J' adore le Vintage !! Voilà une boutique spécialisée en Vintage !! Magnifique ! Ils ont aussi un blogspot , allez voir !

number 2


Very Urban outfitters !! This boutique is so beautiful and wow I wanted to buy everything !! They have such cute outfits and accessories to die for !! Sorry i don' t have any photos inside but i know that you can go see on myspace to see the Milk boutique in L.A , it can give you an idea !
Très Urban Outfitters !! Je voulais tout acheter ! Tout est magnifique , les vêtements , accessoires ... a mourir d' envie !Je n' est pas de photos à l' intérieure de la boutique mais vous pouvez allé voir sur leurs Myspace vous pourrai voir quelques photos de leurs boutique à L.A ! Cela vous donnera une bonne petite idée !

number 1

Blair Waldorf would love this boutique for sure ! Went I got into there the theme song of Marie -Antoinette was playing ! I was sooo into my element ! This boutique won my heart forever ! Very chic and girly , Victoire to me , I found THE BEST BOUTIQUE EVER ! You'll see me pretty often there ladies ! ;) I"ll dress my client there for sure Here the link if you wanna take a look , you can also buy pieces online ! Have fun exploring !
Blair Waldorf adorerait cette boutique ! Quand je suis rentrée dans cette boutique , la chanson thème de Marie-Antoinette jouait , j' étais au paradis !Ils ont gagner mon coeur a tout jamais ! très chic et féminin , Victoire a moi , j' ai enfin trouver la boutique de mes rêves ! Je vous laisse le liens de leurs blogspot , vous pourrez même acheter des vêtements en ligne !! Amusez vous bien !! :)

I'll answers your comments tonight !! Don' t worry I didn't forget !

xoxo Alice


Cup of Coffee said...

Oh really nice boutiques! I definitely LOVE Victoire.. Perfect!!! ♥

Oh I miss you.. Busy days?

Much love,

Lapau said...

nice place! I know in alicante a shop like milk! it's so cool!


Hanako66 said...

they look are lucky to have found them!

Morena Doll said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are gorgeous!
You're so super lucky. Boutiques are always great.


Oh and you look so cute in that picture you took with you in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think you have a stunning blog, would you consider ex linking to my blog?? if you are keen, please let me know and we can exchange links and badges.

Stella said...

Thaks Alice to add me to your blog roll. My blog is
The photos are really nice. I'll like to be there to buy in that lovely shops!

Aline said...

elles m'ont l'air super toutes ces petites boutiques! Tu en as de la chance d'habiter une ville où il y a autant de choix... bisous ma jolie

yiqin; said...

So rad! I wish we have boutiques like that!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely photos, darling! These look like really special boutiques!


Hayley said...

I love the look of Victoire, if I'm ever in Ottawa I will check it out.
Thank you for my comment.


andara said...

Ca donne envie de faire un tour dans ces boutiques ! Il y a de belles choses ! Ptit soucis, je suis un peu loin pour les visiter !

Carlota said...

ces boutiques ont l'air génial tu as de la chance!xoxo

Wanderlusting said...

Ottawa? Really? Lol not just boring politicians then haha. Those stores look fab though, if I am ever in Ottawa one day (doubt it) I will check them out :P Montreal first!

Addie said...

Superbe blog, bravo

Anonymous said...

Hello, I juz stumble upon your blog! and love love love it.
Your outfits are so affordable and you are so pretty.. & I appreciate your effort to make your outfit posts different... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! It's so cute !
t'as envie de tout acheter manque plus que le portefeuille bien rempli lol
(ps: c'est quoi ton pseudo sur twitter?)

Laura. said...

all those boutiques look so cute <3

Eda said...

They all look very chic !

fashionETC. said...

where are those butiques? VIctoria seems good.

Jojo said...

I love boutiques...and these ones look great Lucky you.

Jojo xxx

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Such a lovely blog!
amazing outfits! :)


Noel said...

This is a great blog ...The first one I ever felt the desire to join a blog! I LOVE your fashion style! I have had hard time finding things I like in stores for so long...and I think I finally realized it's because I like vintage stuff! I am coming up to Ottawa this you recommend any other boutiques or stores with great fashion? Thanks!

OceanDreams said...

I love all of the boutiques and your you live in France? Vintage clothing is so beautiful, great finds darling! You have a new follower. ;)

Anonymous said...

ben moi je veux bien mais ottawa c'est méga loin ;)

Anonymous said...

Mais que fais Alice ? on a plus de news

A** said...

wwwwoooowwww want the belt!!!

Egality VintaGe.. said...

i love this blog! beautiful !!


srta a said...

nice boutiques!!

they look amazing!!


Tasha said...

Looks like you had a great day of shopping! I wish those stores were near me! The clothes look great and I happen to have the biggest sweet tooth!

chocandcinnamon said...

I wish I could go to all of this nice boutiques :)
Beautiful scarf, btw.

Anonymous said...

how fun!! I love all these pictures :-)

Kimberly said...

My town doesn't have anything remotely as adorable as these boutiques. One of my favorite things to do is look through street shops like these when I go on vacation. So many cute things!

Delectable Swank said...

oh you lucky girl you! I wish I lived in a place with fantastic boutiques but it looks like you've got it covered!

Mini said...

You have a really nice blog!!

Andy said...

Toutes ces boutiques ont l'air fantastiques !
Je suis enfin de retour sur blogger !! apres 4 mois :)
J'espere que tu viendras tjs autant me visiter :)
Gros bisous


Ness said...

J'adore Victoire et Young, ça à l'air d'être le genre de boutique dont je ne pourrais plus ressortir si j'y entre!

style of olya baileys said...

great photos))


Feelmore said...

Wow, you just made me want to go shopping very very badly.....

Miss Chic said...

Hi! Doy you have any email to write you? Thanks :)

Selmyra said...

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would you mind linking my blog ?
since our blogs are about fashion
a link exchange could be great
have a look and if you are interested just tell me ,
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ur blog is great , ill visit often
take care , much love !

gocash said...

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adecco. said...

That is very nice photos. I love the candy shop.

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Anonymous said...

i must say i really like your blog.

Anonymous said...

oh alice, how fortunate you are to have beautiful shops in your part of the world. i was just reading last weekend about some nice vintage shops in Canada that i still wanna check into and then maybe make plans to visit your beautiful State.

thanks for the link

RepublicOfChic said...

Chalkboard paint anchor belt?