Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Music in progress

BCBG headband BCBG RUNWAY dress H&M tigh tALDO diamond heart shape bracelet GIANT TIGER pumps
FLEA MARKET sun glasses


Wow it's been a while !! I've been very busy lately , a lot happened ! I am currently working on an album and everything seems to work it out pretty good ! I planned to shoot my first music video by the end of this summer  , I can't wait to show you guys !

 Next week it's going to be my first mother's day !! :P  I think I' m gonna go to the flea market with my son .... wanna join Steph ;) ! I need sandals for the summer  !!!  I also started to run 4 times a week to get my body back  for the beach ! :P I hate running !!! Damn !!! Hope you have a good time everyone talk to you soon !!


Ouf cela fait un baille que je ne suis pas venu sur le blog !! Disons que je suis beaucoup occupé c'est derniers temps ! Je travail en ce moment sur un album de musique et je suis très satisfaite des résultats !! Je souhaite shooter mon premier vidée clip d' ici la fin de l' été ! 

Ce week-end est ma première fête des mères !! Je croie bien que je vais allé me gâter un peu au marché aux puces avec mon garçon ... cela te dit Steph ?? J' ai besoin de sandales pour l' été ! Parlant de l' été , j' ai commencé à m' entraîner 4 fois semaine, question de retrouver mon corp de plage lol ! :P Je déteste courir ! je vous laisse sur ce , amusez vous bien !! À la prochaine ! :)


My dress on the runway



Hanako66 said...

I love that dress...you look amazing!!! I can't wait to hear your music...so cool!

Cup of Coffee said...

Wow a very busy time right! Hey I missed you Alice! A great time no update huh? Oh really? 4 times per week running? OMG your body will be very good for the beach, more than she already is;)

XOXO Jamily.

Amanda said...

very good!
I loved look!

FoFys kisses!


The Fabulous Girl said...

hey you are back. i thought u gave up on blogging.
btw that dress is amazing. did u get it in store or did u get it at that flea market that stephanie talks about?

Fashion Garden said...

yes I bought that dress at the flea market ! :) NOp I won't give up on blogging just less cause I don't have time as much as i did before !! :)Hope you understand !

Stella said...

The dress is fantastic! 4 times a week running? I am going 5 times a week for a long walk but running it is too much for me!! Kisses

Lainey said...

what a really cute bubble dress!!!

stilgerecht said...

you look sooo cute! i love the outfit, great dress and beautiful hair!

Mrs. Lovers Knot said...

An album? Congrats!

Morena Doll said...

That's so great you're working on an album. I can't wait to see the video!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to keep in touch. I just linked you.

- Daniela - said...

love that dress!
I went into h&m the other day and didn't find anything good :(

Aline said...

You look amazing in that dress! so BCBG!!

andara said...

superbe cette tenue, la couleur de la robe te va bien et le foulard dans les cheveux est très joli !

beth said...

u luck amazing babe! x

Carlotta said...

wow love it!! love the dress and the photos great!!

Lauren said...

Beautiful outfit! The colors work so well for you!!



Boubou said...

J'aime beaucoup ta robe ! Je savais pas que tu parlais francais :)
j'aime beaucoup beaucoup ton blog donc je me permet de le rajouter à mes favoris :)

a très bientot !


Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

ugh, i need to start running too... good luck! and you look lovely! i love the back on that dress.

and the music - that sounds amazing! i hope everything goes well

Hayley said...

Congratulations on the album and video, can't wait to see/hear them. I love your dress here, it's amazing. And I love the headband.
Hope you have a good first mother's day.
And I know, I seriously need to start running/cycling/swimming or something. I've put on too much weight recently.


Suzanne said...

What a great outfit!!!

HoneyBunny said...

Wow that dress looks amazing on you!

Valy said...

oh quelle jolie robe!!!

pika said...

what a pretty dress!

Amy said...

great outfit!!