Sunday, February 28, 2010

black and white will always be fashion!





HONEE (WINNERS) military coat ZARA jersey dress STEVE MADDEN booties ALDO tight ARDEN headband


Cette semaine débute la semaine de la mode à Montréal et malheureusement je ne peut y être !
Mais je me promet d'être au prochain rendez-vous ! Par contre rien n'empêche de vous faire connaître
les designers que je préfère, qui fera défiler leurs créations sur le runway montréalais!

Pour ce qui concerne ma super mission de la semaine passé et bien j'ai totalement échouée! Je n'est
trouvé aucun pantalon à mon goût mais je dois dire que je ne suis pas tout à fait perdante avec tout
ces rabais de fin de saison!Je suis sortie avec 2 jupes de chez Zara pour seulement 9$ chacune, ce manteau
style militaire pour 10$ (et qui en valait 100$) et puis ces formidables bottes Steve Madden pour 16$(valais 120)$!!
Alors peut-on me déclarer la grande vainqueur!!? Oui oui oui ! :)


It's fashion week here in Montreal and unfortunately I can't be there! But I promised myself to be there for
the next rendez-vous!So why not introduce you the designers that I like the most, who will be presenting
their creations on the runway in Montreal!
Regarding my great mission of last week; well I totally fail but I must say that it wasn't that bad with all these
clearance!I bought 2 skirts at Zara for only 9$ each, this awesome military coat for 10$ (was 100$) and these
Steve Madden booties for only 16$ (was 120$) So can I declare myself as the big winner!!?? Yes Yes Yes !! :)

Here's the links:



alice xoxo


BlogNdoll said...

J'adore ces photos en noir et blanc. Très belles! Le manteau est beau et classe, le serre tête très mignon :)

J'aime cette série. Vraiment!

Lainey said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous military coat. I love the way it closes and just looks so structured.

bloo. said...

mm you look awesome !!


M. said...

J'aime beaucoup tes photos & ton blog : )
Belle série !

RepublicOfChic said...

Gorgeous images and superb jacket!

Much much admiration from India.

PS. Following you now :)

Pipiola said...

You are always wearing beautiful hairbands, I am so jealous ;)

Jojo said...

Your jacket is divine. Love it love it love it...

Love Jojo

Mademoiselle Pearl said...

La première photo est juste trop parfaite bon photographe et belle fille!

laurie said...

I love your site.
You should try and look on this site: realy nice hair accessories :)

be a darling said...

"black and white will always be fashion!" This is so, so true! The colours always work and are very much flattering for anyone! Also, those boots are to die for, I like them alot. Love the blog, all your outfits are very stylish and the pictures are well taken!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!
Love your hair!
And thats skirt is fabulous!
Lovely photos....


Julie said...

Tes photos sont magnifiques !!!

Jojo said...

Hey hun,

Just popped by to say congrats, I'm passing on the sunshine award to you. Check out my blog for more details...

Love Jojo xxx

Luczis said...

Lovely outfit!! You look adorable at these photos!!

Anonymous said...

can i come shopping with you? lol...if only i lived in canada, then perhaps. i need to check out them clearance sales at zara in my hometown. thanks for sharing. these photos like all your others are fabulous, you photograph well. and i love your outfit, the jacket in particular and the cute headband.